12 x 12 PHYSICAL READINESS SYSTEM (PRS) Basic Stretch Magnet

12 x 12 PRS Basic Stretch Magnet
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12 x 12 Physical Readiness System (PRS) Basic Stretch Magnet. Perfect for use on vehicles, maintenance equipment, tool boxes, and more. Features 20 stretches: Side Neck Roll Shoulder Shrugs Side Neck Stretch Chest Stretch Overhead Triceps Stretch Overhead Triceps Stretch Hooked Hand Variation Side Deltoid Stretch Front Thoracic Stretch Overhead Shoulder Stretch Handcuff Stretch Wrist Stretch Up Wrist Stretch Down Core Stretch (Back & Side View) Overhead Shoulder & Core Stretch Side Neck Roll Forward Quad Stretch Calf Stretch Hamstring Stretch Deep Breathing Cat Back
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